Efficient Overview

We retrieve information from many sources and filter it down to what you need to know. Get an overview over what is important at a given company, financially, structurally or in the news.

Powerful analysis

Using AI on news streams and financial information, Enin has predictive models that can drive business actions. Predictive risk modelling, sales opportunity detection and more is available.

Portfolio Monitoring

Recieve alerts when important events are affecting your customers or potential customers. Events are filtered using AI depending on what you need, from a risk, customer service or investor perspective.

User-friendly online interface

Our online dashboard allows you to get a full overview over your customers, keep track of changes in your portfolio, and do in-depth research on any given company within our database.

You can get risk scores or predictive models per company or portfolio, and dig down to any individual news story affecting the company, including news that is otherwise not online. We currently track all companies in Norway, and will be expanding to the Nordic countries by the end of this year.

Business-focused machine learning

Our systems include machine learning models that will help you solve your business problems. Which of these clients have the highest risk? Which customers within my target segments might currently be open to go to us from a competitor? Which of our banking clients are currently at risk of churn? We can help you find out.

Powerful API

We offer a modern API that you can integrate directly into your application or business process. We offer both the raw data you may need to make a decision, but also a number of specialized API endpoints that aims to give you the answers to the questions you are working with, instead of just giving you the raw data needed for you to find the solution yourself. This will help save significant time when creating your platform or product.

Efficient Ownership Navigator

Need to know who is behind a given company or ownership structure? We have the solution. Using our ownership navigator, you can effortlessly navigate upwards and downwards through a company's ownership. In the countries where we have ownership coverage, this can even extend across national borders.

Other Features

We have a number of other features as well. Here is a selection:

Bulk Dataset Export

Cleaned and prepared datasets are available for download, ready to integrate into your models or platforms.

Legal Monitoring

Be warned when companies you are tracking are in lawsuits.

Ultimate Owners

We work our way backwards through ownership structures to automatically find out which actual persons are the indirect owners of a given company..

Specialized and custom API endpoints

Is there something you need that we don't have yet? Contact us, and we can see what we can do.

Ongoing Due Diligence

A specialized module that will improve your due diligence processes both in terms of thoroughness and efficiency, this module is built with the requirements of banks in mind.

And more!

Please contact us for a full presentation of our features and products

Our Products

Enin Customer Insights

Our customer service and analysis product. Allows you to get a full overview over what is happening at a given company, and includes predictive modelling to assist with sales and customer service.

Enin Risk Monitoring

Gives an overview over company to assist with analysis, and also includes predictive risk analysis and monitoring. For our financial services customers.

Media and Trend Analysis

As part of our cooperation with Zynk, we also offer analysis of public discourse using state of the art models. These are sold exclusively through Zynk.