Enin transforms how you analyze companies, using AI on real-time data.

Enin transforms how you analyze companies, using AI on real-time data.

Risk Webinar

On Wednesday, June 2, we will host a risk webinar.

Chief Economist in Eika, Jan Ludvig Andreassen, will join us and we will talk about why we need to react faster in “these times” and what kind of opportunities there is to reduce risk on corporate customers.

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Why Enin?

Mainly because we have fantastic B2B data, but we can also offer other advantages:

Technology and platform suitable for rapid development and connection to new data sources.

Easy pricing with a transparent price list, making it easy to get what you need without surprises.

Get immediate access to data and integration possibilities, for both structured and unstructured data, all in a single platform or API.

Competent, experienced staff who are easy to do business with.

Self service and automatated onboarding to keep the costs down for you as a customer.

Data, the way you want it delivered


Integrate our data into your systems. A data warehouse designed for sale and risk businesses

Web Portal

Get unlimited access to our data. Setup your own portfolio with business specific alerts

Coming soon!


Buy reports for your use case. Go in depth on companies you are interested in

Who is Enin?

Enin is a company that delivers solutions that assist you in analyzing companies using structured and unstructured data. André and Paul founded Enin in 2016. The first version of the Enin Application went live in 2017, and Eirik and Ronja joined the team in 2018. Together they developed the application and API further. In early 2020, Linda and Vegard joined as CCO and CSO.

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