Why Enin?

Mainly because we have fantastic B2B data, but we can also offer other advantages:

Technology and platform suitable for rapid development and connection to new data sources.

Easy pricing with a transparent price list, making it easy to get what you need without surprises.

Get immediate access to data and integration possibilities, for both structured and unstructured data, all in a single platform or API.

Competent, experienced staff who are easy to do business with.

Self service and automated onboarding to keep the costs down for you as a customer.

Data, the way you want it delivered


Integrate our data into your systems. A data warehouse designed for sale and risk businesses

Web Portal

Get unlimited access to our data. Setup your own portfolio with business specific alerts

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Who is Enin?

Enin is a company that delivers solutions that assist you in analyzing companies using structured and unstructured data. André and Paul founded Enin in 2016. The first version of the Enin Application went live in 2017, and Eirik and Ronja joined the team in 2018. Together they developed the application and API further. In early 2020, Linda and Vegard joined as CCO and CSO.

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We love our customers

Read more about what they think about us

Enin's API is easy to understand, and fast to integrate. Their tech team responds quickly and takes our feedback into account.

Tobias Antonsen, System Owner B2B

Enin helps us to quickly get an overview of our companies of interest. Through their services, we have access to corporate structure, historic data as well as other data at one place. Accordingly, Enin serves as a great support tool when evaluating how solid companies are.

Geir Atle Bore, Founder and CEO

Enin enables us to increase the quality, and improve the efficiency towards new and current engagements in the credit process.

Sindre Ljostad, Credit Controller

Information from Enin is key in our work related to credit risk and follow-up of customers within our debt portfolio.

Steinar Sæther, Partner, IT

With Enin, I have had the pleasure of working in an innovative, flexible solution and with an agile organization

Magnus Naume

We collaborate with Enin on improving and digitizing our salesprocess. We continuously see the effect of excellent data quality and we gain knowledge about new and value-adding data. We can now accelerate our growth ambitions in the Nordic region

Christoffer Bergstrøm, Vice President Sales

We have a broad investment portfolio and are dependent on being close to what is happening in different markets. With monitoring of events and news, combined with financial key figures, we get essential information continuously presented through Enin's web portal

Halvor Øgreid, CEO

In a pilot period, Enin has provided data to our CRM system. This had an immediate effect on several booked meetings and an increased hit rate. We had an easy choice when choosing Enin as a long term partner

Frank Pedersen, Sales director

The focus Enin has on technology and availability of data is of great importance for the automation of our workflows.

Access to the latest updated information adds quality and streamlines our KYC and credit process.

Anders Schmelck, Product Manager

With Enin's web portal we have quick access to a lot of information gathered in one place. It is user-friendly and very flexible

Ragnar Furru, Purchasing Director

Axactor has chosen Enin because we get a complete solution for following up customers and prospects, which we believe will give us competitive advantages. Good relations and knowledge of the debt collection industry are also relevant. We will also use their web portal as an additional product and a USP in new sales and upselling to our own customers

Stian Brekke, sales, marketing & customer director

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