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  • Customer portfolios for insights and data cleaning

  • Your beneficial owner data for screening

  • Your own segments and portfolio monitoring

  • Templates with your own view

  • Full company structure as picture

  • Company Accounts

  • Your customer portfolio with our data

  • Unique risk alerts

  • Our insightful company flags

  • Historic company events

  • Highlighted key figures and events

  • Networks and roles

Available data and business insights

Company flags

We flag important states and changes in companies, so you can easily see if there is anything you need to pay attention to.

Beneficial owners

Find the beneficial owners of any company

Network data

Find related businesses and persons

Company Profile

General company information including industry code, address, establishment date, number of employees, CEO, email and much more

Stakeholder Profile

See what other companies a stakeholder is connected to, and any potential red flags from those connections.

Risk Rating

Get risk ratings for companies from our machine learning-based model. Grouped in easy-to-understand categories from very low to very high risk.

Dynamic Ownership Chart

Find who owns what company, both directly and indirectly.

Company Browser

Advanced company search and segmentation tool. Create filters to find the companies that you are interested in.

Portfolio Monitoring & Event Alerts

Receive alerts for changes in your portfolio, including events such as new CEOs, bankruptcies, changes in the board and more. This is filterable so that you only receive what you are interested in.

Company Events

Get information about events concerning any company. Includes court cases, official announcements, new deals and much more.

Accounting Data

Get full company accounting numbers, also exportable to excel.

Portfolio Explorer

Hand pick or automatically build portfolios, then explore them through data visualization, ranking and filtering.

Conflict of interest detection

Find out if there is any conflict of interest between two companies.

And much more

We have much more that we have not listed here, including payment remarks, KYC and anti-money laundering data. Our technology allows us to easy scale our database and add new sources for your business every day!

API documentation

Getting started
  • Analysis API: Access to Enin data and analyses for direct integration into your business applications.

  • Datasets API: For bulk download of Enin data and analyses.


Talk to our tech team, get instant support and API access

We know the feeling. You just want to look through the technical documents in peace and quiet, and when you start implementing you want to ask a tech person about a specific issue and not have to go through customer service.

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All the corporate market advisers use Enin on a daily basis. We use it to follow up on existing customers, as well as prepare to customer meetings and monitor our portfolios. In prospecting and working towards new potential customers, we also regurlarly use the web portal to be sure we have all relevant information and pre-qualify, says Lars Kristiansen, Director Corporate Market

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Being data-driven is an essential component of our value proposition of making strategic procurement easy. We have entered into a partnership with Enin to deliver relevant insight to our customers in a market where new sources of information - locally and globally - are crucial for strategic decisions Sigbjørn Nome, CEO

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In a pilot period, Enin has provided data to our CRM system. This had an immediate effect on several booked meetings and an increased hit rate. We had an easy choice when choosing Enin as a long term partner

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Enin helps us to quickly get an overview of our companies of interest. Through their services, we have access to corporate structure, historic data as well as other data at one place. Accordingly, Enin serves as a great support tool when evaluating how solid companies are.

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Blog Image
Finn prospekter i webportalen med kart

Ved å søke etter en adresse, lage en ring eller trekke linjer i det området du ønsker å prospektere i, kan du nå enkelt finne prospekter nære hverandre i webportalen til Enin.

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Nå er foretaksrapporter tilgjengelig i webportalen

Vi starter året med å introdusere mulighet for å dokumentere informasjonen på vår «company page» i webportalen.

Blog Image
Firmaattest og benchmarkrapport i Enin webportal!

Vi er opptatt av at alle våre kunder skal få mulighet til å teste nye produkter og tjenester. Denne gangen har vi tilgjengeliggjort en fast utvidelse og en testversjon av en ny analyse.