Join our winning team!

Join our winning team!

Why should you join team Enin?

We will give you the opportunity to access the best of competence and technology within machine learning and artificial intelligence. Regardless of position, you will be part of a great team consisting of experienced leaders and subject matter experts.

It is important to us to know about your strengths and that you can use them in a way that makes both you and us happy.

If you are like us, you are passionate about your workplace. You constantly look for new knowledge and you share what you know with your team.

We know that a sense of humour, laughter, openness and transparency are some of the qualities we can offer. Hopefully this is valuable to you and you want to contribute to the great environment we already have created.

To be honest, we don`t have a template for how our team should look like. Your skills and personality will most likely change what we think we need.

Our promise is to be: Easy. To access. To understand. To do business with. This is what distinguishes us from our competitors. This is the foundational value we commit to deliver to our customers. And to you.

We always strive to communicate powerful insights in a simple way. This is the pure essence of Enin. If you think this sounds exciting we hope to get to know you.

Our promise:


To access.

To understand.

To do business with.

Who is Enin?

Enin is a company that delivers solutions that assist you in analyzing companies using structured and unstructured data. André and Paul founded Enin in 2016. The first version of the Enin Application went live in 2017, and Eirik and Ronja joined the team in 2018. Together they developed the application and API further. In early 2020, Linda and Vegard joined as CCO and CSO.

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Our Essence:

Powerful insights made simple.

First Employee

"The most important thing for me is a great work environment. To me this means that the team respects and listen to each other. Competence and feasability is also crucial. This I have found at Enin."

- Ronja Knudtsen (Software Engineer & UX Designer)

"Transparent communication, both internally and externally is important to me. In Enin we discuss challenges with whom it may concern and have an honest dialogue. At the same time we are really good at taking care of each other and using our individual strengths."

- Linda Jensen (Chief Commercial Officer)

Second Employee

Do you want to join us?

Please contact us and tell us about what you can contribute with!
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