FSN Capital

Christopher Conradi is Chief Digital Officer in FSN Capital Partners.

Why did they just choose Enin as their data supplier?

One of Christopher`s most important assignments is to make sure FSN gets as digital and data-driven as possible. His mission is to make FSN Capital one of the best to use data and algorithms to discover trends and possibilities in the market place before everyone else.

He believes this will give his team super powers!

What advantages does Christopher og FSN Capital see?

By reaching his goal of being data driven Christopher can save time and money collecting information, and at the same time get better decision basis for investments. When he was approached by Enin he instantly saw some obvious advantages

Easy to understand USPs and technical solution
Agile and innovative business culture and employees
Unique data
Insights and experience in the investment industry

Enin look forward to a cooperation showing that data can be a huge competitive advantage!

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